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Breda is a diverse city with a lot to offer. A vibrant historic centre, creative and unique atmospheric areas, all set in a beautiful environment of nature and water. We cherish the past and build towards a new future. A city where hospitality, green spaces, and limitless creativity are important. Discover it all here.

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The Explore Breda Store is the new starting point for your visit to Breda. Here you can find all tourist information and inspiration. Additionally, you can discover stories of Breda and shop for unique, lasting memories from local makers. Enthusiastic people from Breda will welcome you hospitably and tell you lovingly about their beloved city. Whether you are a resident, visitor, entrepreneur or student, there is always something new to discover in the store. Come to the Explore Breda Store.

Everything you need to know about Breda

In Breda, we not only love life intensely, but we also want to make life a little more beautiful. Breda focuses on the future while cherishing the past. Curious about the history and sights of Breda or want to learn more about the canals and nature in Breda, or why Breda is the city of applied technology and creativity?

Stories from Breda

Who can better tell about the city of Breda than the people who live, work, stay, or study here? Read the stories of proud inhabitants of Breda and experience why they love Breda.

A different atmosphere in every neighbourhood

In Breda, we love contrasts. And when you look at the different atmospheric areas in the city centre, we have plenty of them. Where do you feel at home? Explore our atmospheric areas, from Oranje-Zuid to the Havenkwartier. 

Plan your visit to Breda

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The villages near Breda

When you think of Breda, you probably think of the city. But Breda is more than that. Breda wouldn't be Breda without the villages Prinsenbeek, Princenhage, Ulvenhout, Bavel, Teteringen and ’t Ginneken. The friendly atmosphere, the cosiness, the Burgundian Brabant way of life, the picturesque streets and not to forget: the lush natural areas. Definitely worth taking a look.

More to explore in the region

In addition to the bustling city centre, Breda, with its extensive and characteristic landscape, also has an oasis of tranquillity. Go out and discover the ancient forests and heaths in the area for yourself. And taste the local products that the surroundings of Breda have to offer!

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