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About Breda

In Breda, we not only love life intensely, we also want to make life a bit more beautiful. Breda is looking towards the future. Together with 185,000 Bredanaars, we are building the city of tomorrow. Curious for more information on Breda? Keep reading.

Story of Breda

In Breda, we not only have an intense love for life, but we also want to make life a little more beautiful. Breda is focused on the future. Together with 185,000 residents of Breda, we are building the city of tomorrow. Curious about Breda's story? 

The history of Breda

Breda is a city with a lot of history and you can feel it as soon as you arrive here. It is the cradle of the House of Orange-Nassau, which is reflected in the city's extraordinary sights. Discover Breda's best-kept secret. 

The sights

When you walk through the streets of Breda, you move from one historical building to another. And that's not surprising, with the city's rich history.  The tranquillity of the Begijnhof, the impressive Grote Kerk, and the old Kasteel van Breda. All within a stone's throw of each other. Discover the most beautiful sights of the historic city centre.

City in the park

The Breda of today and tomorrow is a city in the park. Breda's roots have been green for centuries. With the forests of the Baronie, the water of the Markdal and the canals as lifelines around the historic centre. Curious about all the nature reserves and the history of the water?

City of applied tech and creativity

Breda is fully committed to applied technology and creativity. Breda has a lot of potential as a gaming city, especially considering the presence of educational institutions with tech and creative programmes at Breda's educational facilities. Additionally, Breda is working hard on the Innovation District: different locations in the city where tech and creativity are given ample space to develop. Read more about various initiatives here.

Breda Stories

Who can tell you more about the city of Breda than the people who live, work, stay or study here? Read all the stories of proud Breda locals and experience why they love Breda.