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Breda is not only a delightful city to live in; it is an international and vibrant city where you can fully experiment. A city bursting with talented and impactful innovative businesses. But what truly makes us beloved is our mentality. Here we celebrate life and enjoy coming together regularly. We welcome creatives and newcomers with open arms. This makes Breda a city where you feel at home and where you are given the space to fully utilise your talents in every way. Things work well in Breda.

Here you will find the most inspiring workspaces

Here in Breda we like to meet each other regularly. Because it's simply more fun together, but especially because it makes your work richer, more surprising, and better. It's no coincidence that in Breda you'll find several 'hubs' where different entrepreneurs join forces. Inspiring workspaces where you can develop yourself optimally and also help each other progress. And where there is plenty of room to share successes, but also mistakes.

Here you have the space to make an impact

Breda is an entrepreneurial city with its focus on the future as an international hotspot for applied technology & creativity. Read here why entrepreneurs want to come and stay to work. 

Here you can let your creativity run wild

Here in Breda, you can fully unleash your creativity. The city embraces the new and unknown. And it gives and allows you the space to try and pioneer. In addition, we like to seek each other out. Not least because you simply achieve more together. This leads to great opportunities and the most awesome results.

Here you can grow and develop

Breda is full of passionate students. Read their inspiring stories here. 

Here you can meet and learn

Breda is a city with endless potential. Here, you can grow personally and professionally and meet inspiring people. Breda boasts a total of seven educational institutions with multiple locations where you can be trained in a wide range of fields, at both vocational and higher education levels. The game development programme at BUas is one of the best in the world; we specialise in hospitality and leisure, and have a wonderful art academy where you can fully develop your talents. Breda is a city of the future brimming with creativity and applied technology. In addition to the many educational institutions, there are plenty of places and initiatives that bring people together with passion.

Here you can enjoy life

In Breda, life is good. Breda has many student, study, and sports associations that bring together the lively student life and the city's renowned coziness. Study during the day, party until the early hours in the evening.