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In Breda, we not only love life intensely, but we also strive to make life even more beautiful. For and with each other.


Breda is a city on the move with boundless, green and hospitable as its pillars.  
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Enjoy the lovely spring

Finally, the time has come... The sun is out more, flowers are blooming, the evenings are getting longer, and the days are getting warmer. A wonderful time to explore the city.

How do you explore Breda?

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See & Do

In Breda there is always something going on. Getting bored is not an option here. Do you want to soak up some culture or have fun on the water? Do you enjoy a nice walk or do you prefer to relax on a terrace? Everything is possible and everything is allowed. Because this is Breda. Enjoying life is what it's all about here! 

Plan your visit

Are you planning to visit Breda? Maybe the information below can help you plan your trip.

Work & Study

Breda is not only a delightful city to live in, Breda is an international and vibrant city where you can fully experiment and develop your talent. A city bursting with impactful and innovative companies.

City & Surroundings

Are you curious about Breda? About the stories from the city or its rich history? Then take a seat, as there is much to tell about Breda and its inhabitants. We have also added some beautiful hotspots from the region.