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Nature & Water

Nature in Breda

Did you know that Breda consists of 60% green areas? This includes nature reserves, recreational areas, forests and water. There are three large forests and six parks, including the ancient Mastbos and the city park Valkenberg, remnants from the Nassau era

Green spaces are very important for Breda and its inhabitants; we like to turn Breda into a city within a park. This way, nature will always be just around the corner for everyone. Ideal for a picnic, a walk or a bike ride. Curious about more green facts about Breda?

Parks in Breda

In Breda, there are six large parks and some smaller parks around them where you can enjoy walking and cycling.

Water in Breda

The origin of Breda is the spot where the rivers Aa of Weerijs and Mark converge. This spot was also called the "Brede Aa", which became "Breda". The canals of Breda bring the water together towards the northern side of the city, where it exits the city as 'the Mark'. Over the years, water has always been important for the city, for trade in sea fish and nowadays for leisure activities. Did you know that they are working on extending the canals?

Read more information here about the water in Breda.

Things to do on the water

Discover what you can do on the beautiful canals. Whether you step on a canal tour boat, rent a boat, or explore the canals by water bike or stand-up paddle board (sup). It remains special to discover Breda from the water.

City walk through Green Breda

This green city walk introduces you to physically green areas in Breda, such as city parks and hidden gardens. Additionally, the route takes you along sustainable entrepreneurs in Breda. Engaged people, all trying in their own way to raise awareness and initiate a positive movement. Hotspots where you can shop packaging-free, restaurants where you can enjoy delicious (vegan) food and where they waste as little as possible. The route goes from the city centre through Oranje Zuid to Ginneken!

Nature reserves in the Breda area

Below are the most visited natural areas in (the surroundings of) Breda. You can enjoy beautiful hiking, cycling, running or whatever you like here.

The people and initiatives that do green

The greenery in Breda extends not only to your immediate surroundings but is also driven by numerous entrepreneurs who, in their own unique way, contribute to raising awareness and initiating a positive change.

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