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Food and Drinks

Breda and hospitality are like peanut butter and jelly. They belong together. Of course, hospitality includes a bite to eat and a drink. From trendy coffee shops, vegan hotspots, traditional Dutch pubs to fine dining. In Breda, you can find everything for a cosy breakfast, lunch, dinner or drink. We are happy to help you find your way. Cheers to Breda!

The best way to start your day

Start your day with a nice cup of coffee or breakfast in Breda. This way you'll have a perfect start to your day. 

A city of many cuisines

In Breda, you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. Will you go for a tasty pizza or pasta? Or do you want to discover the Korean cuisine? Below you will find various lists of restaurants.

Everything for a sunny day

What's better than enjoying a coffee, ice cream, sandwich, or a nice beer in the sun? Below are some inspirational blogs for this summer

Vegan hotspots

In Breda, you will find more and more places where you can eat vegetarian and vegan food. From breakfast, lunch, dinner to drinks, there are many options available. Here you will find an overview of these hotspots. 

Taste local beers

In Breda, a variety of local beers are brewed. You can taste these at various locations in Breda. Are you a beer lover? Then you should definitely go and have a look here.

Prefer wine?

For wine lovers, there is plenty to experience in Breda. Looking for a nice wine bar?

The bucket list for foodies

In Breda, you have plenty of options for dining. Do you want to enjoy a nice drink with a snack? Or rather spend a long time at the table and relish fine dining? Are you opting for Italian, Asian, Greek, or perhaps French cuisine? The options are plentiful and that can sometimes make it difficult to decide. The gourmet bucket list includes all sorts of different restaurants to make the choice a bit easier for you. Choose one and enjoy eating out in Breda.