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Activities & Entertainment

Breda has everything for an active, cultural or relaxed day. With your family, by yourself or with your entire team. The variety is enormous. A game of laser tag or bowling, boating on the canals or going to the cinema with a large bucket of popcorn? Whatever you want. It's all possible. Go out and be surprised.

Explore the city through routes

Embark on these routes, visit the cool hotspots and discover the different sides of Breda. Whether you are into historical sights, creative craftsmanship, or hidden gems. You'll see it all through these routes. Do you want to combine the routes or connect them with the murals from the Blind Walls Gallery? Then download the app for Android or iPhone.

Activities on the water

From the water, everything looks different. A view from the water offers beautiful and unique cityscapes. Breda gives you space, even on or by the water! We'll list all the activities you.

Amusement in Breda

Bowling, laser tag, go-karting or experiencing a unique adventure? There are plenty of fun things to do in Breda. Discover them here.

Fun things to do with kids

Are you looking for a fun activity for the whole family? There's something for everyone in Breda, from young to old. Special treasure hunts in museums, reptile museums, nature walks, or unique experiences. Discover it in Breda.

Prefer to be more active?

Are you in need of some inspiration to exercise outdoors? Then check out the blogs below

Activities for large groups

Are you looking for a fun group activity? Planning a family weekend, friends day out or a company outing? Book your trip to Breda. There is a wide range of activities available for large groups. 

Explore the city by foot

There is no better way to get to know a city than by foot. That's why we have put together a few walks through Breda for you. Don't forget to look up from time to time, because Breda is full of the most beautiful facades. Would you rather go on a tour with a guide? Then check out this blog. 

Get on the bike and discover (the surroundings) of Breda.

Go on a bike adventure in Breda with the most fun cycling tours. Whether you enjoy recreational cycling, mountain biking, gravel riding or road cycling. Long or short distances, with as many or as few stops as you like. There are many possibilities. 

The bucket list for outdoor enthusiasts

Are you looking for a fun and active outdoor activity? Tick off this bucket list and discover the region, green parks, and canals of Breda.

Discover something else?