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The Mastbos was built more than 500 years ago by Hendrik III van Nassau. It is a mixed forest where beech avenues, vast heaths, dark coniferous and beautiful fens alternate.

The Mastbos (forest) was built more than 500 years ago by Hendrik III van Nassau. It is also referred to as the 'back garden of Breda'. You can walk from the Ginneken district straight into the woods. Where stately beech avenues, vast heaths, dark coniferous forests and beautiful fens alternate.

Residents of Breda, but also many nature seekers from further away, use the forest for walking and cycling, for sports and relaxation or to simply enjoy nature. The Forest rangers have set out various walking routes, including a walking route specifically for dogs. For the children there is the 'Kabouterpad'.

Part of the avenues is also wheelchair accessible. On the south side of the forest, a boardwalk leads over the heathland. One of the most photographed places in Breda!

The nuisance caused by parked cars in the northern part of the Mastbos is increasing. From spring 2023, parking on the roadsides will therefore no longer be allowed. In the course of this spring/summer, Bouvignedreef will be closed to cars. It is most convenient to come to the Mastbos by bicycle.

Traveling by car? Here the best parking spots:

  • at the Restaurant Bouvigne Paradijs (Bouvignelaan 3) - between the restaurant and Bouvigne castle
  • on the grounds of the Brabantse Delta water board (Bouvignelaan 5). This is also where the employees of the water board park on working days
  • at CR de Boswachter (Huisdreef 4)
  • in front of Hotel Mastbos/Grand Café de Heeren van Oranje there are parking spaces on the corner of Huisdreef / Burgemeester Kerstenslaan
  • at Grand Café de Kogelvanger (Galderseweg 55) private car park
  • at Pannenkoekenhuis Dennenlucht (Heistraat 15)
  • at Stouwdreef there are 5 spots for people with disabilities
  • at AV Sprint on Burgemeester de Manlaan side 

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