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Visiting a museum in Breda

    Are you a true culture lover or do you want to know everything about the past and present of Breda? Then this page is for you! Breda has museums for all ages. Whether you prefer a quiet afternoon immersing yourself in culture or engaging interactively, check out our wide range of museums.

    Stedelijk Museum Breda

    Stedelijk Museum Breda is an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to experience and discover the history and art of Breda and its surroundings. Two permanent exhibitions, ‘The Nassaus of Breda - Castle, city and countryside’ and ‘Ambition & Desire - Breda in the 19th century’ offer a fresh and contemporary look at the history of the city and region.
    Thanks to the interactive Family Trails, these presentations are also very much worth the visit for young and old. Information about changing exhibitions can be found at www.stedelijkmuseum.nl

    Boschstraat 22

    Blind Walls Gallery

    The Blind Walls Gallery is the outdoor museum spread throughout the city. Take a walk or bike ride and discover nearly 150 wall paintings created by (inter)nationally renowned artists. Each mural has a connection to Breda and tells a unique story about the city. Blind Walls Gallery regularly organises walking and cycling tours led by a guide along the murals. 

    Beer Advertising Museum

    In the Beer Advertising Museum, you will find the largest collection of beer advertisements in the whole of Europe from the period 1900-1960. The advertisements come not only from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium, England, Ireland, Northern France, and Germany. Regularly, there is a performance by a folk band here on Sunday afternoons.

    Haagweg 375

    Beguinage Museum

    The Begijnhof Museum is located in one of the houses in the Begijnhof. The history of the Begijnhof dates back to 1267, making it one of the oldest institutions in the Netherlands. The Begijnhof Museum shows how the Beguines of Breda lived. 

    Address: Catharinastraat 45

    Miniature and Dollhouse Museum

    In the gatehouse of the Beguinage you will find the Miniature and Dollhouse Museum with dolls and dollhouses from the past hundred years. A large part of the collection was made by artist Tine Merkx, who has been working on it for over forty years. The collection consists of typical Dutch historical scenes and several locations in Breda.  

    Catharinastraat 23

    Clock Museum

    The Clock Museum consists of around five hundred different timepieces and clocks from all over the world. It is located in one of the oldest streets in Breda. The museum is also known as 'the unknown attraction of Breda'. The museum is actually a clock shop, with the owners having displayed the exceptional collection in the shop. The ideal location for antique clock enthusiasts.

    Catharinastraat 38

    Queen Wilhelmina Pavilion

    The Queen Wilhelminapavilion, built in the 19th century as a HBS, is part of the Royal Military Academy. The Historical Collection Foundation exhibits the history of Breda Castle and its residents through the centuries. You can see prints, photos, documents, items used by cadets, historical weapons and uniforms, complemented by video presentations. There are regularly changing exhibitions on cultural-historical themes.

    Castle Square

    The Maczek Memorial

    The Maczek Memorial is a memorial museum that depicts the contribution of the Polish troops to the liberation of the Netherlands and Belgium in 1944-1945. General Maczek and his first Polish Armoured Division receive full attention. This division was involved in the liberation of Breda in 1944.  

    Ettensebaan 17a

    Indisch Museum

    The Indisch Museum is a unique place in Breda. Through objects and stories, the Indo cultural heritage is narrated together with the history of the Dutch East Indies. The Indisch Museum tells these stories from various perspectives.

    Joseph Poelaertstraat 1

    NAC Museum

    In 2000, the NAC Museum was founded at the initiative of the supporters' council. The football club has been an icon of Breda since 1912. The museum aims to preserve and exhibit the history and relics of the club.

    Stadionstraat 5

    Local history museums in the municipality of Breda.

    In the municipality of Breda, you will find various 'Heemkundemusea' focusing on the culture and history of their respective areas. The following Heemkundemusea can be visited in the municipality of Breda:

    • Museum de Rijf in Prinsenbeek
    • Museum Paulus van Daesdonck in Ulvenhout
    • Heemschuur De Stee in Teteringen
    • Princenhaags Museum in Princenhage