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Saskia van Rijn at Triple O Campus

    Saskia van Rijn (32) is the community manager at the Triple O Campus in Breda: the breeding ground for the creative industry and applied technology, where almost 90 companies now call home. After her first encounter with Breda, Saskia says she was 'hooked'. "I knew: I have to work in this city.

    Hooked on Breda, tell me more!
    “It's mainly due to the personal nature of the city. And the sense of community that you feel here. Privately but also in business. I'm quite a social animal myself, but making contact here really comes naturally - even if you're not so good at it. Also nice: people here don't judge others quickly. We support each other and you can truly be yourself here. I really see Breda as the living room of the creative industry.” 

    Why do you think this sense of 'togetherness' is so important?
    “It's good to step off your island every once in a while. To gain inspiration from others, or to collaborate with someone you don't know yet. It enriches your work and often leads to better results.” 

    This is precisely what it's all about at the Triple O Campus. Encouraging the cross-pollination between companies, as well as with education for example. “Sharing knowledge through guest lectures in our grand café, giving young talent the opportunity to experience the field and meet potential employers; that happens here too.” 

    How do you make cross-pollination possible?
    "First and foremost, we ensure that the companies on the campus find each other - and are open to it. We regularly organise events, inspiration sessions and drinks. So people can meet each other professionally and personally. To join forces and take projects to the next level. But also to simply have some fun, together."

    I believe that you deliver better work when you feel comfortable in your workplace. Surrounded by great people. You can also exercise on campus now, and our grand café is a place where you meet everyone. It should feel like a second home here.

    I am also the contact person for parties outside the campus. There is a lot of expertise here. I am always amazed by the, also international, clients who come here. And by the often leading work we do here. You might think this is reserved for companies in the Randstad, but it also happens here, in Breda. We need to communicate this even better to the outside world - and I am happy to work towards that."

    In Breda, we also know what a good life is all about. The city is naturally perfect for that. Working hard, enjoying life to the fullest. That is what Breda is all about.

    Is everyone welcome here?
    “We are targeting entrepreneurs who are active in the creative industry or applied technology, and understand what it means to work on a campus. The community here expects you to also contribute something - not just take. You must be willing to open your door, at least in a metaphorical sense.”

    To also provide a place for starting entrepreneurs, a Co Workspace has been set up. “Here, we do focus on continuity. We ask starters to commit to the campus for at least 3 months. It must not be too fleeting, the community is a priority here.” 

    Want to know more about the campus or have a question for Saskia? Feel free to contact us! 

    Triple O Campus
    Reduitlaan 33 
    4814 DC Breda