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Breeding grounds in Breda

    Breda is teeming with breeding grounds! From a creative breeding ground for dancers to a breeding ground for the tech industry. Breda has it all. Curious which breeding grounds are in Breda? Here you can find an overview.

    What is a Breeding Ground?
    A Breeding Ground is a gathering place in a city where talented entrepreneurs and creative individuals come together. It is a place where connections are made between art, culture and technology. Creativity, experimentation and innovation take centre stage.


    Imagine this. You've just finished your theatre studies, you have an idea for a play, and you're eager to get started. But how? How do you further develop that concept? Where do you begin? How do you write a funding plan? And how do you gather a creative team around you? The breeding ground at Bloos is the place to go for answers to all these questions; from idea to execution and presentation. A place where you can develop yourself, receive coaching, and ultimately meet your audience on stage. Here, together with like-minded individuals, you gain experience. You rehearse in one of the rehearsal spaces and prepare further for the future as a professional theatre artist. By providing facilities, a network, and guidance, Bloos creates a chain of possibilities.

    Performance at Bloos, audience on the left and stage with performers on the right


    Electron is the creative breeding ground where culture lovers, professional artists and designers create, meet, and innovate. This happens in studios, workshops, event spaces, and in the cultural living room MotMot gallery. Young talents in Breda are given the opportunity to develop their talent here. In many ways it functions as an art academy, but without teachers and evaluations. You have all the freedom, but are responsible for your own success. With your own space to create and facilities to meet others. Such places are scarce in this sector. 

    Man welding something with sparks


    STEK is a creative business park where entrepreneurs collaborate to innovate and inspire with a future-oriented approach. It is a place where everyone feels welcome and where humanity and the planet are central. STEK provides a creative breeding ground where aspiring entrepreneurs have the space, time, and support to develop themselves, including making mistakes. The motto at STEK has always been: use what you have, whether it's raw materials from your neighbour or advice, knowledge, and services.

    Self-built cottage on STEK from wastematerials


    Bühne is a place where anything can happen non-stop. Makers and creatives from Breda get a stage here to present their work and try out new things in the fields of music, art, food, and everything in between or beyond. Bühne wants to make the world a bit more beautiful by giving creative talent a platform. They can grow while the audience gets the chance to enjoy those innovative creators in music, art, and culinary arts. In addition, they offer opportunities and workspaces to entrepreneurs and employees (with and without a scratch) to make society run more fairly, both socially and economically. 

    Evening event at Bühne with people standing by the bar


    Dansnest is the breeding ground for dance in Breda. A performance by Dansnest always originates from a lengthy working process in the heart of society. Inspiration is drawn and content is loaded through observation and interaction with the audience. This understanding forms the basis for artistic research and creation by our choreographer and dancers. Dansnest creates the performance in such a way that a unique connection is established between the environment, dancers, and audience. They do this at locations they find special or challenging, but also in places that need attention. They enjoy collaborating with other (cultural) partners in the neighbourhood, such as BUas, Cultuurnacht Breda, Blind Walls, Nieuwe Veste, Podium Bloos, Pier15, and Stedelijk Museum Breda. 

    Blurry photo of a dancer in a black dress


    OpenX is a connecting point at Avans for education, research, and entrepreneurship. It forms the bridge between Avans as a knowledge institution and the environment outside our university. Students, teachers, researchers, and entrepreneurs come together here to meet, collaborate, and inspire each other. With over 5,000 square meters of space, OpenX provides a place for students to use the many study, work, and meeting areas. There is a makerslab with a Virtual Reality section where teachers have the space to experiment and inspire each other with different teaching methods. And there are 5 theme rooms connected to the Sustainable Development Goals that promote interdisciplinary thinking and working.

    Study hall at Avans University of Applied Sciences

    Triple O Campus

    The Triple O Campus is the breeding ground for the creative industry and applied technology, where almost 90 companies are now based. Their main goal is to help companies on the campus connect with each other - and be open to that connection. They regularly organise events, inspiration sessions and drinks so people can meet each other both professionally and personally. This helps to combine forces and elevate projects to a higher level. And just to have some fun together as well. To offer a place for starting entrepreneurs, they have set up a Co-Workspace.

    Event at Triple O Campus featuring young people

    Cradle Lab & Experience Lab

    At the Cradle Lab at Breda University of Applied Sciences, research projects and applications are being developed to make game development easier and more streamlined, for both entertainment games and serious games. In their Experience Lab, emotions and behaviours are measured in real and virtual realities using the latest technologies and insights.

    Workplace at BUAS

    Urban Living Lab

    Urban Living Lab is a breeding ground that brings together residents, students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and civil servants to work on societal issues in and around the city. Each year, about three to four hundred students are involved with ULLB. These students come from different educational backgrounds, institutions, and levels of education. For example, students from Avans, Curio, BUas, and De Rooi Pannen work together. ULLB can be found in various locations in the city, but the main base is the Faamkwartier. 

    Large group of people in a room