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The story of The Streetfood Club Breda

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From theatre to cinema to bookshop to trendy food and drink hotspot. The Grand Theatre on the Van Coothplein has been transformed to a true hotspot to have drinks and bites with friends.

We will preserve the unique elements of the Grand Theatre and restore this building to its former glory.

Steven Peschier and Bobbie van Dalsum

Manager & Assistant Manager

Asset to the city

Where the theatre hall used to be, a mega bar with cocktail stations and a spectacular DJ booth is now rising. Above the stage, two balconies will be added, where you can dine with a great view of the hall. The balconies with hanging plants that will be installed are inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. "It should look like nature has taken over everything," says manager Steven. Also, some impressive chandeliers will be hung from the ceiling. The old windows placed on the long side of the hall are from an old church in France. Behind every element of The Streetfood Club, there is a story. "We really want to make The Streetfood Club a unique place. A place that Breda does not have yet," says business assistant Bobbie.

Big Operation

A large team worked very hard to completely renovate The Streetfood Club. Many practical matters had to be taken into account. For example, the wall covering by the stairs had to be restored to its original state, which was quite a challenge. A special soundproof airlock was created when walking from the kitchen to the cold rooms. Steps had to be made to the toilets, which are gender-neutral.

The concept

At The Streetfood Club you can enjoy lunch, dinner, and drinks. The concept? Shared dining with Latin American and Asian influences. There will also be a distinctive and inspiring meeting room with space for 40 people. Want to sit outside in nice weather? There will also be a terrace on the inner courtyard.

Grand opening

At the beginning of 2020, the renovation of the Grand Theatre was started. The coronavirus crisis disrupted the schedule, causing The Streetfood Club to opened its doors on 16th July 2022 with a grand opening party. "We only want to open when it's truly completely finished. We don't do things halfway. At The Streetfood Club, we call ourselves the feast family, and it really is like a family celebration. We often have parties together, and after work, we always have a drink together."

Location with a story

The Grand Theatre on Van Coothplein was built in 1919. The over 100 years old building was designed by the Breda architect F.P. Bilsen. He also designed the headquarters of De Drie Hoefijzers in Ceresstraat. The building is characterised by a beautiful skylight of stained glass, typical sea-green tiles and characteristic wainscoting. A nice detail: here and there, golden accents have been added and specially crafted tiles with the coat of arms of Breda.

When the building was opened, it was still called the Olympia Theatre. Back then, films and exhibitions were shown. In 1924, it changed ownership and the building was renamed the Grand Theatre. The Grand Theatre remained a cinema until 2007. From 2015 to 2019, it was a bookstore.