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Margot van Es on Breda Robotics

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Whether you are technically inclined or not, everyone who enters the Breda Robotics field lab immediately sees: the future is being made here. In this 'smart industry testbed', education, businesses, and government collaborate on robotic solutions for various sectors. From healthcare to construction. "We need each other in this field so badly," explains communication manager Margot van Es. "With Breda Robotics, we show how to organise this connection cleverly.

Why is teamwork so important? 
"The industry 4.0 technologies we are working on here are still very new. Entrepreneurs are therefore pioneering. In such a phase, you can really use each other's insights and expertise. Together, you are stronger, especially when it comes to technological development. Breda Robotics was also started from that motivation." 

At the same time, and perhaps even more importantly, the field lab gives us as a city and region the opportunity to introduce young talent to everything we have to offer here in good time." 

So what do we have to offer as a region for young talent?
"That is mainly in the culture. In Breda and the surrounding area, you will find many SMEs - and things are really different there from the large tech giants. Because it is smaller in scale, you make an impact more quickly. And because you are not pushed into a strictly defined role, you have the space to discover all aspects of the profession.

It is therefore a bit more personal and agile here, which allows you to develop yourself well and quickly. This also makes your work much more enjoyable.

Furthermore, this region is really known for collaboration. It's in the DNA here. Do you have a good idea? As an entrepreneur, you first start making phone calls: who can think along, who's with me? Together we make it better, that is really the motto here. It also ensures that you can get things done more quickly."

How do you involve young talent with Breda Robotics?
"We work very closely with educational institutions in and around Breda. Fundamentally, we provide technology students with a hybrid learning environment. They tackle truly challenging real-life issues here and get to know potential employers."

"But we also think about the curriculum - and help schools integrate theory and practice. For example, we collaborate with Avans University of Applied Sciences on the transition to modular education. We play an active role in various educational modules. Teaching from a practical perspective and providing students with experience and context is really fun."

"How can humans and robots work together safely in a factory? Can you design a robot that removes weeds but leaves crops in place? These are the types of robotics problems that are central in Breda Robotics' minor projects, originating from the business sector and government. Students and Breda Robotics partners then work together on the solution. With success."

Do you have a good idea? Then as an entrepreneur you first need to make some calls: Who's with me?

What is your ambition?
“Plenty of ambition! Breda Robotics is bringing it all together. A Smart Field Lab and hybrid learning environment where we, by joining forces even more effectively, can create more room for investment. This way, we can also tackle larger development projects that companies currently cannot handle independently."

"Together even stronger, to increase the innovation capacity of the manufacturing and maintenance industry in this region. That's the goal.”