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Creative hub Electron

    Makers in the free creative sector often struggle with their position in society. That's why creative breeding grounds are so important - by bringing creatives together and supporting them. Electron in Breda is a good example of this.

    Founder Lisette Spee: “Young talents in Breda should be given the space to develop their talent. We contribute to that with Electron.” If anyone can confirm that, it’s Elodie Zwart. She won the studio prize and will have access to her own studio at Electron for a year. “I am presented with so many great opportunities here. My business is getting a quick kickstart.”

    How would you describe Electron?
    Lisette: “Art academy without training wheels. Electron is the cultural breeding ground where culture enthusiasts, professional artists, and designers create, meet, and innovate. This happens in studios, workshops, event spaces, and in the cultural living room MotMot gallery.

    In many ways, it’s like an art academy, but without teachers and evaluations. You have all the freedom, but you are responsible for your own success. With your own space to create and facilities to meet others. Such places are scarce in this sector. We want to keep artists in the city and allow them to be an inspiration for the city itself.”

    Do you experience it too, Elodie?
    Elodie: “Definitely! The opportunities are abundant here. Not only because you get your own studio and can build a network, but also because you are surrounded by other creative minds who want to make a name for themselves. 

    After graduation, there is a good chance you will start working independently from home or from an external studio where you have no contact with other creatives. However, it is precisely important to continue to brainstorm with others and support each other. This is a huge stimulus for your growth and development. Electron is fully equipped for that. 

    I have always followed my own path. And that was rewarded with the studio prize. I got the opportunity to further develop my own product and take serious steps. I learn a lot about entrepreneurship – and receive guidance, including from Electron. My motto is 'aim high', and that has brought me here.”

    You are surrounded by other creative minds who want to put themselves on the map. That is very valuable.

    Why do you find Breda such a nice city to work in?
    Elodie: “Artists often choose cities where creativity is already well developed. However, precisely because Breda is not yet an established creative hotspot like other cities, there is still much to be gained. The friendly atmosphere and small-scale creative industry make it easy to quickly build a network and connect with other creatives. It feels like a warm blanket. And there are still so many opportunities here.”

    Lisette: “I completely agree. Breda is the comfort zone of Brabant, where we can easily find each other and collaborate well. There is plenty to do here and still so much to develop, and that's what I want to finish.”

    What added value does Electron offer for the city itself?
    Lisette: “We are building a sustainable place to develop talent and try new things. In doing so, we elevate this city to a higher level creatively and culturally. Not only important for the creators, but also for the audience. You may notice that the youth of today are looking for something different. They seek less structure and more freedom of movement. That's why initiatives like Stek, Pier15, Belcrum Beach, and Electron are emerging - an entirely new village where culture, leisure, the public, and the business sector come together.

    The audience and creators come closer together here. Within Electron, experiments are conducted, things are shown that are not yet finished, and perhaps most importantly: here you are allowed to make mistakes and be different. It truly feels like a breath of fresh air."

    ...And for young creative talent?
    Elodie: “That you have a raw space where you can be yourself. And really develop yourself. It's a world where people dare to stand up and break taboos. Electron offers a platform for that - we really need to preserve it.”

    Lisette: “It's the people in Electron who make it possible. I just have to make sure the walls stay standing, so they have a place to experiment, create and showcase.”

    What message would you like to give to young talent?
    Elodie: “Don't be afraid to forge your own path. By doing things differently, you create a unique selling point. Dare to follow your own instincts.”

    Lisette: “Give it a try. Fail, take the stage. Those opportunities are there!”

    Electron | MotMot gallery
    Belcrumweg 19
    4815 HA Breda