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Pier15 brings limitless moves

  • Havenkwartier
Pier15 has quickly become an essential place in Breda. This skatepark is located in the raw Havenkwartier of Breda and is a paradise for every skateboarder in the area, attracting numerous visitors from all over the world. Every year, skateboarders from around the globe come to Pier15, making it a valuable place for Breda's skate culture. But this place stands for so much more. Let's have a chat with Jeroen van Eggermond (creator) and Rinse Staal (operational manager) of Pier15.

Mix of leisure culture and sports

“When I used to go to Breda in the past, there was nowhere to go skateboarding,” says Jeroen. “I built my own skatepark in my parents' greenhouses.” His real dream? Having his own skatepark in Breda. But that required a lot of patience: it took seven years before Pier15 opened in 2014. “My partner Martijn Gulden and I were determined that this would succeed. I really wanted to give that place to Breda,” Jeroen explains. “Everyone within the skateboarding culture in Breda has contributed to Pier15 becoming the place it is now.” With his other company Nine Yards Skateparks, Jeroen realised many international skateparks and also two skate spots in Breda: De Scharen and Haagse Beemden. 

Cultural hotspot

The team has ensured that Pier15 became the skate spot in Breda. The skatepark in the vast hall of Pier 15 is mainly street-oriented. Long quarterpipes with various street obstacles and rails in between. In addition to the indoor skate hall, there is also a sunny outdoor terrace with catering, a basketball court and a skate 'bowl'. At Pier15, skate lessons are given to young and old, and competitions and important championships are regularly organised. And it is a cultural hotspot where up-and-coming bands get the opportunity to perform and break through, and where cultural exhibitions, festivals and parties are held. "We have noticed that the current generation of young people want to experience sports and leisure in a different way. So no longer exercising in the gym, indulging in culture at a museum, and meeting friends in a café, but rather everything in one place. That mix is extremely popular here," Rinse explains.

We have created a place where people come together.

More than one skatepark

“I think it's beautiful that we've created a place where people come together,” says Jeroen. “Skating is very unifying. This is a place where lifelong friendships are formed, where young people may even meet their first love. A place where people feel safe, inspired and challenged. A breeding ground.” Rinse adds: “You see generations growing up here. They start with skate lessons, and at the age of 19, for example, they organise an art exhibition here because they have become artists.”

Second home

“Pier15 is a place where people can enjoy themselves and be themselves,” says Jeroen. “A place where they can make mistakes. I am proud that we have created this place in Breda. It is beautiful to be able to give something like this to a city.” The future of Pier15 is still uncertain; the contract is coming to an end, and efforts are being made to find a place for this cultural hotspot. “We have set up a unique project. The combination of culture, sports, and leisure is golden. We hope that we can stay in the city. Pier15 is a second home for many people.”