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Wijngaard Dassemus

In an idyllic location in Chaam you can find the natural vineyard of Ron and Monique. They make wonderful wines, including an orange wine! In 2005, the first hectare was planted with the help of friends and family. Since that moment, Vineyard Dassemus has grown and now consists out of 16,000 vines of thirteen grape varieties, all completely organic.

Vineyard Dassemus is located in the region of Dassemus, just above Chaam. Since 2005, the vineyard has grown to 6 hectares with 22,000 vines. Dassemus grows various types of grapes, all cultivated in an organic way, without pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Ron and Monique manage their grapes in harmony with nature. No artificial fertilisers, no chemical substances, but with a wide variety of herbs and plants that contribute to a healthy soil and greater biodiversity. Ron and Monique think it's fair and honest.

Various types of wine are available for purchase in the vineyard shop. By appointment, you can take a tour and/or wine tasting.

Vineyard Dassemus has something for everyone's taste: white wine, red wine, rosé, a sparkling wine, and orange wine, the trend of the moment. Orange wine is different from anything you've tasted before. A white grape processed like a red grape. Made from the Souvignier Gris with three weeks of skin contact and no additives during vinification. It's white wine with a kick: powerful, spicy, floral, and fruity. Want to taste it? You can!

Tip! Try Ron and Monique's 'Wild Rosé'. This wine is spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts from the vineyard and not filtered. The result? A fruity rosé with cherry aromas. 

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