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Breda City Hall consists of four houses hidden behind a façade since 1967. A lagre copy of Velasquez’s famous Las Lanzas hangs in the hall. The town hall is now only used for meetings, weddings, and receptions.

Breda City Hall actually consist of four houses that master builder Philips Willem Schonck hid behind one façade in 1767. The oldest part is the main hall. As early as the fifteenth century, a so-called ‘Cleyn raedthuys’ was also put into use the rightmost house, the ‘Liggend Hert’ (lying deer) was added last.

The town hall’s main entrance above the steps, is guarded by two sandstone lions. Lady Justice above the main entrance indicatest hat jsutice used to be administered here.

A large copy of Velazquez’s famous painting ‘Las Lanzas’ hangs in the hall. This shows the surrender of Breda to the Spanish commander Spinola (1625). The original painting hangs in the Prado in Madrid.

The town hall is now only used for council and committee meetings, official receptions and weddings.  

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