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Brouwerij Bourgogne Kruis

For those who do not seek attention, for those who understand that speaking is silver and silence is gold, there is Bourgogne Kruis wheat beer. Wheat beer from the Brabant town of Oosterhout that is still brewed entirely by hand.

On Wilhelminakanaal-Zuid in Oosterhout you can find Brouwerij Bourgogne Kruis, a true family business with a rich history. This history begins with a brewery in the 18th century in Oud Gastel and Oudenbosch. Paul and Willem Thuring, brothers from the same family, started in 2012, but this time in their hometown of Oosterhout.

Bourgogne Kruis is known for its different wheat beers, the signature of the brewers. Everything in the brewery is still done by hand. No computers and automation, but real craftsmanship. "Recognisable, straightforward, pure and natural, with the freshness of a spring morning,” is how Paul and Willem describe their wheat beer.

Want to visit the brewery and taste the beers? That's possible! During a tour, the brothers will tell you all about their brewery, the brewing process and the beers: from the moment the malt is purchased from the maltery to the moment the beer goes into the bottle. Brewing from A to Z!

TIP! Come by bike and cycle along the Wilhelminakanaal: the Oosterhout waterway for a century.

The brewery is always open for tours and everyone is welcome to try the different beers. Just remember to make a reservation.

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